Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Washington D.C. Internship Opportunity

I have applied for an internship with the Department of the State in Washington D.C. I should know in September if I was chosen. I am overwhelmed at the costs that is going to be associated with this venture but this is my best bet into the intelligence community since I have not served in the military. I need the federal government experience.

The internship may or may not be paid. That will be determined by the FAFSA information and the amount of available funds, so it looks bleak. I will have to find my own housing as well, so I have been on a hunt to see what's out there. It looks like I have two options: internship housing or rent a room. Out of safety and to get some kind of a college experience while networking for the future, the student internship housing is the most appealing. it is very expensive though, I am looking from $4000-$6500 just for housing. Although, this includes all utilities, fully furnished, safe location with security, close to Capital Hill, close to Metro, and includes planned events with the interns.

If my university currently accepted internship for credit, I would be able to use federal loans for living expense associated with this internship, but since they don't I will have to pay for all of it on my own. I will be trying to fund raise once I get official accpetance. If all the money is not raised, I will be taking a private student loan I suppose. This is my one shot to try and add some great experience to my resume.

Here is a website I started to help cover the funds. I have not promoted it much until I know for sure, but please feel free to donate. Anything I may receive if I don't get the internship will just go to another internship opportunity or will be returned to the donor if they do not donate anonymously. 


Just some information about my collegiate ventures.I am working towards a Bachelors in Political Science with a minor in Intelligence. All of my electives are focus towards government and intelligence studies as this is the only way for me to widen my knowledge base at this time. I was scheduled to graduate by May 2013, but if I take this internship, I will lessen the course load to part time in the Spring to I may work full time in D.C. I should finish by August 2013. I am interested in obtaining a Masters, but I have not fully decided that factor as of yet. I currently hold a 4.0 with my university and plan to keep it that way.

Feel free to share this information or stay tuned for updates. If you would like to donate to my internship fund, please got o the above website. It is safe and free with transaction through PayPal (paypal charge may apply but not fee to me or from website).

Thanks so much!!

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