G8 Adventures, LOOK!

This page will be dedicated to the love for my Pontaic G8 GT and the adventures we share.

I got a buddy who does some amazing work. This is something I asked him to make up for me to put on the G8. It is a flat black sticker, but has some flakes of shimmer, looks great on my car cause the G8 has a shimmer paint as well. 
You can check out his other work or order customer jobs at the link above. 
Or email them at imagesolutions@live.com

On January 14, 2012, we undertook upon an amazing adventure at racetrack. My husband and I received driving lessons, rode some laps with the instructor, and then got the opportunity to run my everyday vehicle on the track. Now keep in mind, this is no ordinary sedan. This baby has 412 horses, but as exhilarating as it was to hug those curves, I undoubtedly fear total destruction around each corner. I will be posting a video and some more pictures soon!

Harris Hill Raceway 
Check out a this video from inside the car, right before we ruined the brakes!

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