Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Semester Blues

I am embarking on my summer semester which is proving to be the most challenging. My month off of school to visit family and attend a military memorial in Florida has made it difficult to get back in the grove of things. I find it unfortunate that online learning platforms still hold a stigma of being lowering in quality: this maybe true for some, but let us remember that if it is an accredited university, it should hold some clout. Of course I would have preferred to go to a prestigious school, but I am doing all I can to better my future so I hope any future employers will honor my will to overcome obstacles. My husband's current duty station limited the education options immensely. I could go to a brick and mortar school here, but there are in no way a traditional school and offer very limited degree plans.

My choice to attend American Military University was a hard one. They are regionally accredited, I don't have to pay out of state tuition, and many government agency's recognize them due to the overwhelming amount of military personnel who attend AMU while overseas. It seems it was my best, although limited, option.

I am still anxiously awaiting news on my internship application as well as some scholarship applications. It has been frustrating to apply for scholarship after scholarship with no success. It makes you wonder if the time spent on the applications is worth the $500-$1000 most of them award. I mean, I would  be eternally grateful to receive one, but the time put in to the money receive don't equate to a decent return on investment. 

If I receive the opportunity to attend the internship in Washington D.C., I have decided I will send out donation request letters to people/ businesses. Some will be back home I am familiar with and some maybe random businesses. It seems this maybe my best bet at success. Maybe I will send a letters to some of my state representatives? It is an election year? Hmm, I wonder if that is something they could do?

I will keep you updated on how it all progresses!

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