Friday, June 29, 2012

Bowflex Workout Journel 6/29

seated lateral rows, 100lbs
narrow pulldowns, 80lbs
rear deltoid rows, 80lbs w/ chest bar
standing biceps curls, 50lbs w/ chest bar
reverse curls, 10lbs w/ chest bar
low back extensions, 100lbs
resisted reverse crunches, 50lbs
truck rotation, 50lbs
squats, 100lbs

Today is end of week 1 of the Bowflex Ultimate 2 journey. I finished off strong! Anyone average person, and I would consider myself average, that thinks they can't break a sweat on a bowflex is mistaken. I have this machine in a spare bedroom of mine right by the air conditioning vent and under a ceiling fan and I am sweating just as bad a a regular gym. 

On a side note, my softball team competed in our first two games last night, a double header. Unfortunately we lost both games horribly. A multitude of factors contributed to the losses, but the main concern was it was the first time we played with the entire team which was a huge set-back. Our practices average 5-6 show ups! That's ridiculous! Hope things get better.

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