Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gal Pal Blunders

I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay positive in the friendship arena. Since moving to my husband's new duty station, my high school insecurities have resurfaced leaving much to be desired. Although, the gal pal friendships depicted on film have never been apart of my life, there is some degree of my secluded nature that wants that. I cannot complain about the people I have met being unfriendly. In all actuality, everyone has been very welcoming.

I came here with every intention of being more outgoing, but as time goes on, my never ending stream of thoughts cloud my energy and attention so I am unable to put forth full effort to making good friends. I joined a military wives softball team and the only person I have slightly befriend is one person. This is a personal obstacle I hope to overcome but how?

Since my almost every thought is spent thinking about the future (career wise) and what I can do to strengthen my marriage, I think I loose the "enjoy life as it happens" experience.

I have suggested a "Suit Up" night with a group of couples from my husband's unit. The idea spurs from the character Barney from How I Met Your Mother television show. We plan on all dressing up and going to dinner. My thoughts were to play the night out like we are important well-to-do's. Kind of a themed night. We will see how this pans out. Everyone seemed on bored with the idea.

Although I feel lost still, I cannot say I haven't tried. I pretty much say yes to every invitation. The main change needs to be in my attitude and stop the hyperly self-aware streaming mental updates.

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