Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bohdi the Boxer Rescue

My husband and I have applied to adopt a boxer named Bohdi from the Boxer Schnauzer Rescue of the Ozarks in conjunction with Midwest Boxer Rescue! We have already passed the home inspection in which they make sure your home is safe for a pet. We had to answer tons of questions during the application such as do you have a fenced yard and how much do you expect to spend on expenses and annual vet bills? We are going to meet him and the foster family this weekend with the hope of bringing him home! Here is some information about Bohdi, some rescue organizations, and additional information. If you have any questions about the adoption process, please feel free to contact me or the organizations below. Also keep in mind these organizations are always in need of donations which you can do on there websites!

Boxer-Schnauzer Rescue of the Ozarks

Midwest Boxer Rescues You can read stories and bios of Boxers to adopt or sponsor one by donation! Tons of info on the breed and adoption information.

Find Pets to adopt in your area! PetFinder

Before adopting a boxer or other breed, be sure to do you homework! Things to research are temperament, potential health issues, and the individual dogs history. This is a great site for information on Boxers
How could you not fall in love with this face?

Before adopting a boxer or other breed, be sure to do you homework! Things to research are temperament, potential health issues, and the individual dogs history. This is a great site for information on Boxers:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Highlights

So keep in mind, it is now a Friday, I have read an unimaginable amount of political articles for school this week, and I am I emotionally and socially bored. In addition, I have had more than a couple of glasses of wine. yes, wine! This Texas girl has gradually tested the waters of wine although I have not forgotten the love of a good amber beer! Rest assured my friends (maybe stalker online friends), that my love for beer will withstand the test of time!!!

In an update, I am writing this missing home. Strange to say because my life back home wasn't much to write home about. I realize the humor in that statement, but stay with me. I came here with a new outlook, new attitude, but ultimately, with the same person... myself. How can I possibly change? I am not making new friends, living life to the fullest, or making my husband any happier. He is happy with a garage, some beer, and that meals magically appears everyday.

I feel selfish at times, that I long for more than just "ok". I want craziness. The stuff you think about doing, and DO IT! The things that you think is funny, laugh out loud to yourself, then someone asks "what's so funny?" and you would normally say "nothing", but instead eject, "it would be awesome if we tried..."

And believe me, I have tried to just say it, but it is always followed by a soft giggle and "your silly". What I find ironic is the same people that make that response to me would go insane if someone else said it. I feel like I can expect no more excitement in my life. I mean, I moved over 10 hours away from EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING I know in the whole world. Why do I feel like the same 14 year old girl stuck in her bedroom blocked off from the world? The only thing new I have seen since I have been here is the Army post, another walmart (and really, its like they are all identical), and a rock painted like a frog on my drive home from town. I am not asking for limo rides to big cities, or spending big money on fancy things. I just want someone willing to share adventures with, even if its just a look around the Wood.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

LOST... in the Wood

Acclimating to this new place has been challenging to say the least. Even more disheartening is the greenery I discovered on our house-hunt back in November as fallen and looks sadly like a brown, burnt summer in Central Texas. Nonetheless, it has been interesting.

We closed on the house and officially moved in on January 30th. We have been spending every night on an air mattress! We purchased a new mattress in January to be delivered within 2 days of our arrival... still no delivery. Supposedly, it will be here Monday. I find that I will become a not so pleasant patron if it is not here by then. We did, however, receive free delivery from the lack of planning on the mattress company's part. I suggested to my husband to kindly request (I really mean demand) a free full size mattress to begin works on our guest room. He laughed, I responded, "Seriously, I am not kidding." No such agreement occurred.

Last night was our first Army event in this unit. I was so nervous. I am defiantly socially challenged and seriously considered down liquid confidence before hand. I then remembered my promise to my-self that alcohol will only be allowed if not used as a medicine and instead just squandered around the house like a crazy person.

The potluck event was a going away party for someone in the unit. I decided to bring honey cornbread. My mother-in-law made this for us over the holidays and I loved it. I used my new boysenberry colored KichenAid stand mixer for the first time... HEAVEN! I loved it so much! It was perfect for making such a big batch and not to mention, it's gorgeous. The party went as expected at first, I was a wall flower for the first two hours, but as the night went on a became more social. The girl throwing the party made things much easier for me. I now at least have some acquaintances that may develop to good friendships. I was very excited to find a girl who is close to my husband's age, her husband is in the unit, and she has no kids or plans of kids anytime soon. This was music to my ears! Jared and I are not on a venture to have kids right now which seems to be the opposite plan from all of my other friends back home. It is nice that someone else understands the choice we have made to build a strong relationship, not hurry to spawn children into our craziness. We are still learning each others quips.