Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pending game of Tetris with a 28 foot trailer

You must be familiar with the game Tetris. It was an old video game which requires seemingly unimportant skills to move and flip shapes as they fall into the most favorable positions. As we embark on the task to fit all of our belongings into a 28ft enclosed car hauler, I find myself reminiscing on how much I sucked at that game. Although, I fondly remember loving Dr. Mario's similar version. I also played poorly.

In an attempt to be proactive in packing, I have been stuffing boxes and filling the trailer using it as a quasi storage unit. Reviewing the trailers current contents you would find an enormous and beautiful desk, car parts to my husband's unfinished '67 Camaro project, BBQ grill, freezer chest, and a various assortment of boxes. Following my review of the many contents left to be added, (including a new 7 piece bedroom set we will be picking up on the way out of town) I have come to the conclusion that I have failed to be a practical human being.

This conclusion stems from the following causes:
  1. I have too much stuff
  2. My husband has too much stuff PLUS his Army stuff
  3. It is ridiculous for anyone to have this much stuff
  4. I still want more stuff
I now find myself wondering if there is a solution. If so, how much work would be involved? And does life know that I am currently unemployed and do not want any more work?

I couldn't possibly leave my husband to figure this out on his own. In addition, I am anxious to get to Missouri by the end of next week, so I suppose I will need to accept the undeniably truth.

We have to completely unpack the trailer and reorganize it. Translation= Start over. 

We will be spending tomorrow playing a horrible game of Tetris. My only hope is that my husband is as good at Tetris as he is at Call of Duty.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Brave Little Toaster... and everything else I need to pack

Following the onset of love and all that encompasses it, my husband and I are soon to move to Missouri. There is nothing frightening or horrible about our new venture, quite the opposite in fact. I find myself completely and utterly excited for the opportunity to face new and dreadful weather conditions, live a jobless fate, and live perilously staring a this computer studying endless courses online.

I imagine you are currently becoming overwhelmed with jealousy. I understand it is hard to not pine for my fortunes, but before jealousy blinds you from the point of view of a stranger which could quite possibly be your only opportunity at a meaningful relationship with an not-so-important blogger, just read little further.

In the midst of packing away my life, I had a moment which I realized something amazing. I am one of hundreds or thousands or more who have experienced the exact same actions I am undertaking now. I am over course only including military families in this scenario and not every person who has ever moved. I am packing away my beloved cowboy boots, my Dwight bobblehead, and my toaster just as many have before me. With the uncertainty of what life has in store, will I make new friends I can count on? How will I survive without my family so close? Where will I shop?

The comfort I felt with this realization is that I am not alone. This statement is played out. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in cliches and truth.

I suppose if you have humored my long enough to read this far, you have noticed my lack of fully serious demeanor. Rest assured I understand the seriousness of supporting a service member especially after making it through his first deployment. If there is anything I have learned in my short 24 years is that life is worth enjoying. Every scary, uncertain minute is worth a little extra effort.

This is my first post in my attempt to come out of my shy shell. I am changing my life for the better starting now, and you get to watch this change as it happens if you stay tuned.